There are several optoins about how to bring a deceased pet to the pet crematory Twente. If you want to bring your pet yourself than please contact us first. You can contact us yourself or trough your veterinarian. After making an appointment, the deceased pet can be brought to us during working days ( monday till friday). At weekends, during holidays and after 17:00 hours there will be made in consulation with you or your veterinarian an appointment about an appropriated time. With this we always go out from an individual counsling c.q creamation. So collective cremations can only on working days.

If you appreciated if we come to your home to pick up your pet, than you can consult with us or through the veterinarian to look together for an appropriated time. Also here we use the rule that on weekends, during holidays and after 17:00 hours it will be an  individual counsling c.q cremation. Transport from the veterinarian is usually arranged by your veterinarian. Please make it known that you appreciate it that your pet goes to Pet Crematory Twente.


From the experience we’ve got from recent years we’ve got several time the question if the animals can pass away at pet crematory Twente. For many people it’s difficult to first go to a veterinarian and then again drive with the deceased pet to our crematory. In consulation with you and your veterinarian or our veterinarian we can discuss this question. Even for small pets there is now the opportunity to let them pass away here with us. Note that: the normal procedure finds place at the veterinarian or at your home