Transport of horses


We own a special trailer with a stretcher for safely and carefully picking up your horses and ponies. In consultation with you, we will schedule a pick-up date so that we can pick your horse up at virtually any location. In short; all of our energy and attention goes towards ensuring your pet is brought to the crematory in a dignified manner.

Putting a horse to sleep

Aside from cremating your horse, there is also the option of putting it to sleep at the animal crematory. However, this is only possible if your ungulate can be transported without it suffering, otherwise it will be put to sleep on your own property. If you choose to have the horse put to sleep with us, you can say your farewells in our stables. Our veterinarian will make sure that this entire process is in full accordance with your wishes.

Since 2001, Dutch law has classified horses and ponies as companion animals. This means that there are very few statutory rules. You must, however, comply with the following points

  • It is required that you bring an official statement of your veterinarian, which states that there is no danger of the transmission of dangerous diseases.
  • You must take steps to prevent a cross-contamination of fluids.
  • We appreciate you consulting with us about how to make all these necessary arrangements.