Direct individual cremation

From experience that we have gained we have created an opportunity to be present with the individual cremation. This kind of cremations find completely separate place and is there the possibility to be present everywhere. After you have took goodbye of your pet, you can walk togheter with the cremation assistent towards the oven to begin the process. During the cremation there is the possibility either to wait in one of the waiting rooms or to bring a visit to 1 of the stray field or to make an appointment to come back at an specific time. Especially our German clients choose for this kind of cremation, because then the possibility exists to take everything home right away.


Normally is a direct cremation planned early in the day before the regular cremations start. It’s difficult for us to stop the furnace during the cremation process. Cremations take in accordance with the authorizations place during working hours. So it is not possible to do direct cremations at the end of one days. In consultation with you there will be make an appointment on an suitable date.