Collective cremation

If you choose for a collective cremation, you can bring your deceased pet to the crematory during working days between 09:00 hours and 17:00 hours, after telephone contact. Or you can choose to let your pet picked up at your home or the veterinarian. Collective cremations found after the individual cremations place, which means that it can be within 24 hours but also after several days. With Collective cremation is not possible to get the recovered ashes.

From January 2006, it is necessary to make a choice between a group cremation where the ashes are scattered on our stray field, or to choose for the cheapest package, where ash is offered to the community. Interest in the affairs of a cremation is understandable, this means we are all ways prepared to answer queries. For more information please contact Pet- crematoryTwente, hosted by the Breborgh.