Horse Crematorium

Everyone hopes that our noble ungulates can stay as long as possible with us.  Since 1ste january of 2001 are through an law amendment to horses and ponies just as dogs and cats, considered as pets. This opend the way to cremation. Without an cremation your pet must be destroyed. We recently made the cremation of your horse possible. In recent years, many initiatives taken, but unfortunately most were not feasible. This made us to decide to offer this additional service.
Many horse lovers want a dignified goodbye to their pet. Therefore we built in 2007 a completely new accommodation. Especially for horse lovers there is a 600 m2 room where they can give their beloved animal a farewell. People can bring their noble ungulate themselves, or thei can choose to let our own transport pick the deceased animal up. See also the section “Transport” on this website. If horses still have to pass away, than we have 2 stables where we have all the facilities to give an optimal care and to give the horse lovers another apportunity of saying farewell.

With us people can be present everywhere, and it is also possible to let your own veterinarian come so for you the euthanasia goes so correctly as possible. In the crematorium is the possibillity to stay in a waiting area until the cremation starts. A cremation takes 6 till 7 hours. Normally, we can process the ashes the next day, and if you want to you can get all or a part of the ashes back


We provide a fitting farewell for your beloved horse.