Trim Salon

As clothes make the man, the fur makes the dog. The true dogfriend take care of their dog with a daily brushing. This is not only good for the dogs hair and skin, but also for the contact between owner and dog. But from time to time, some dogs have to be trimmed. The best way to do this, is to let one of our certified groomers or groomer trim your dog. These people have experience with all kind of dogs. Dogs who stay at the hotel are privileged that their fur is provided in the Trimsalon.

Many dog owners make use of the possibility that their dogs get trimmed and/or washed when they go home. The prices are depending of the time that’s needed. Ask for free to agree on the tariffs.

“Grooming into perfection”

Proper care and experience comes down to the finest details, for both the pet and the owner