Hotel rates per September 22, 2015

Dog small€ 12,00
Dog medium€ 13,00
Dog large€ 14,00
Dog very large€ 15,00
Shorthaired cat€ 9,00
Longhaired cat€ 10,00
Rannits / Birds€ 6,00
Veterinary services only in high season (Mandatory)€ 15,50

High season: From June Til September

Small dogs

All-legged races under 10 kg including dachshund, jack russel, cairn terrier


Among others fox terrier, parson jack russel, basset french, french bulldog, beagle, cocker spaniel

Large dogs

Most hunting breeds including springer spaniels, retrievers, but also medium / long-haired dogs such as Tibetan terrier related daily grooming, and the English basset

Very large dogs

Among others sheepdogs, dominant dogs, boxers. But the fighting breeds of dogs, large dogs with a lot of grooming. These dogs come in a department where our experienced employees they supervise and care.

Proper care and experience comes down to the finest details, for both the pet and the owner