Dog hotel

Rural, between Hengevelde and Bentelo, near to the border with Germany,you will find Animalhotel ‘De Breborgh. The perfect holiday home for your pet. We give you a short tour on this page, so you can be sure that we give your dog, cat, guinea pig, etc. a pleasant and carefree holiday. De Breborgh is a quiet and a safe holiday adress for your best friend. Moreover, you are assured of a optimal attention and care so your pet is just as relaxed after the holiday as yourself.

The night and outdoor kennels give your dog the space he needs. The groups of dogs may go oudside for three till four times a day on one of the 6 large playgrounds, under expert supervision. Of course we keep all the playgrounds clean. Generally the dogs sleep togheter. This improves the social bond and the peace. In the high seasons “De Breborgh” has got a own private veterinarian in service. This gives your pet the right care or treatment in time of illnes or injury. When it come to the food, we try to give your pet the same wich he is used to. Diet power are also provided. However, you have to bring this with you.

In 2007 are the extra spacious accommodations in our 600 m2 large hall, where we can take even more care for your pet during the holidays, added to the hotel. Here can the dogs stay together in small packs with all the same kind of dogs. Annual is it a pleasure for us to let these groups, several times in one days, play with each other on the playgrounds.

In 2009 we made a new department for the older dogs, because for these dogs it is very important to get enough rest.

We are sure that we can give your pet a plesant and carefull holiday on ”De Breborgh”.

“Great for playing fields optimal gaming”

Proper care and experience comes down to the finest details, for both the pet and the owner