Cat hotel

We have five spacious rooms with even bigger cats outdoor areas. In these spaces they’ve got baskets, toys and shelfs to lie on.

In the morning before cleaning, we feed the cats with food of the best brands. When the cat is brought, your cat will be placed separately first so he or she can relax and see who his other holiday friends are. In that period we can observe your cat and see if your cat eats ands drinks enough. After this period (usually 2 to 3 days) your cat can run and play around freely in the common areas.

In the evening they get canned food brands. And ofcourse in different flavors such as fish, wild, beef, etc. Fresh water is always available for your cat.

Vaccinations for cats are also very important. We use the common vaccinations and the Bordetella vaccination (2010) to prevent your cat from getting the flu.

“Baskets,toys and scratching posts for the ultimate cat vacation”

Proper care and experience comes down to the finest details, for both the pet and the owner