Stray field

Since the 23th of june 1999 we have the permission from the estate Oosterhof for a special stray field in a 5ha large forest plots. Previously the ashes were scatterd in different woodlots of the estate Oosterhof. However it was impossible for the people to say were the ashes of their pet was exactly scatterd. In the forest of the stray field were special footpaths created wich reach to a open space surrounded by large stones. From here people can visit the stray filed or scatter the ashes wich they get after the cremation. There is also the possibility to lay down flowers. Because we want to retain the woods as much as possible it’s not possible to lay down memorials/stones/objects etc.

To get someting of recognition of the deceased pet you can choose to let an engraved brass plate put on a memorial stone. The plates are created and placed by the crematory.

There are 3 different sizes.

Large plate on a whole stone€ 65.00
Half plate on a half stone€ 45.00
Quarter plate on a part of a stone€ 35.00